TSA developed the Certified Cargo Screening Standard Security Program (CCSSSP). The program enables Bourlet ArtLogistics, a freight forwarder and shipper to pre-screen cargo prior to arrival at the airport. As a CCSSP shipper Bourlet has incorporated physical screening into their shipping process. As a TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility ('CCSF') Bourlet Art Logistics offers pre-screened packaging solutions which eliminate the need for airline personnel to open and examine your pre-screened cargo.

As a CCSSSP participant, we have processes in place to screen prospective employees and contractors to TSA standards and have routine reviews of employees with access to cargo after screenings are conducted. Security threat assessments are conducted on all employees. Specialized training is also required for all persons who will conduct screening, handle cargo, or have access to designated screening areas.

Screening Procedures are in place to prevent unauthorized access to cargo facilities where cargo is screened, prepared, or stored. Physical barriers are in place at cargo handling and storage facilities as well as designated screening areas. The TSA itself has this to say about the advantages of using a CCSF-certified shipping company for the movement of artworks:

CCSP shippers will benefit from participation in several ways. By screening their own shipments, shippers can significantly reduce the possibility that their cargo may be physically opened. Additionally, they can bypass the potential delays that could occur if all screening is performed only at the airport.

Bourlet Art Logistics is one of the top providers of Fine Art and Antique packing and shipping services to both domestic and international destinations. We offer innovative packing and crating solutions to a variety of transport challenges.

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