Crating Crating Crating

Bourlet ArtLogistics offers the following types of crates, individually created for each unique artwork:

- Economy/Plybox
Low cost, sturdy crate for one-time ground transportation and storage applications.

- One-Way
Sturdy crate for one-time ground/air transportation and storage applications.

- Two-Way
Sturdy crate incorporating a gasket-lined lid. For use when the object will be repacked and returned to the point of origin.

- Double Crate
A combination crate, utilizing a plybox inner crate and a One-Way or Two-Way outer crate. A multi-functional crate offering the highest level of security. In this configuration, the outer box is constructed utilizing 1” Ethafoam blocking.

- Museum/Exhibition
Fully customized to museum requirements for safe and secure transportation. Intended for multiple ground/air movements.

- Shuttle/SoftPack
An inexpensive alternative for one-way movements when exclusive use or climate shuttle transport is involved. Our packaging materials are carefully selected to minimize stress to the object during packing and unpacking. We offer many soft-pack shipping protection products such as glassine paper, soft-wrap Tyvek, acid-free tissue, polyethylene foam, and corrugated cartons in a variety of sizes.

- Slat Crate
For 3-dimensional objects when climate control transport with limited handling is involved.

Bourlet ArtLogistics offers innovative solutions to a variety of packing and transport challenges. We utilize a wide range of packing and crating products tailored to each specific artwork’s requirements, with products ranging from simple, cost effective soft-pack materials and economy crates to comprehensive museum quality exhibition crates. Our team of experienced craftsmen and fine art packers design and build each individual crate in our full-service crating shop.

Bourlet ArtLogistics is a member in good standing and accredited by the Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association as a Certified Wood Packaging Materials Facility meeting all compliance regulations as dictated by ISPM 15: Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Material in International Trade. For more information regarding ISPM 15, please visit NELMA web.

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