Art Transportation

Bourlet ArtLogistics provides fine art and antique transportation, with a full range of services to both domestic and international destinations.
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Special Projects

Our Special Projects department can utilize the whole range of Bourlet ArtLogistics’ services, including packing and crating, transportation, installation and rigging of artworks in any media, restorations and maintenance and low-profile armed guards and follow vehicles.
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Bourlet ArtLogistics offers the following types of crates, individually created for each unique artwork:
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Art Installation/Field Services

Bourlet ArtLogistics has transported and placed some of the world's most challenging and unusual exhibitions.
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TSA developed the Certified Cargo Screening Standard Security Program (CCSSSP). The program enables Bourlet ArtLogistics, a freight forwarder and shipper to pre-screen cargo prior to arrival at the airport.
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Bourlet ArtLogistics’ facility is designed for all types of artwork, furniture and objects d’art.
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Fairs & Exhibitions

Bourlet ArtLogistics’ Fairs and Exhibitions department is devoted to fulfiling the high-pressure demands of both domestic and international art fairs and exhibitions.
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Private Client Services

Bourlet ArtLogistics undertakes high-end residential relocations throughout the US and Europe utilizing our experienced and versatile team of art handlers and technicians.
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Bourlet Artlogistics maintains the resources and relationships to engage in the conservation of all types of artwork including sculptures, paintings and furniture.
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