1. How do I get an estimate for shipping?

Bourlet ArtLogistics can issue most estimates within the same day. You may This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone us at (718) 392-9770 to discuss your requirements.

Our knowledgeable staff is available to help you in planning your project and to ensure its secure and timely completion.

Please note that the more time and information that is available prior to shipping, the less the project is likely to cost. For this reason, you should contact us to plan your project as early as possible before the shipment date. In addition, please make available as much information as you can, including: the size and dimensions of the items, specific packing requirements, origin and destination details and timetable for the project.

2. What can I do to make my shipment go as smoothly and safely as possible?

Other than contacting us as early as possible to schedule your shipment, information about the items being shipped is most important. Some of the information that you should provide us with include:

  • Dimensions and weight of your items.
  • Current wrapped condition of your items and requirements for further crating.
  • An assessment of the current condition and prior repairs to your items.
  • Information about access to the pick-up and delivery locations, such as freight elevators, ramps, etc. If there are any doubts about accessibility, our staff can visit the site.
  • Complete pick-up and delivery addresses, including phone numbers of anyone who we may need to contact concerning the shipment.

The more information you provide the better our staff will be able to accommodate your needs and make your shipment as hassle-free as possible.

3. What restrictions apply and what permits are required for my shipment?

Although our staff can help you to ascertain which requirements, laws and regulations pertain to your shipment, you should be aware that it is the client’s responsibility to know and comply with the requirements, laws and regulations of any Federal, State and/or local agencies pertaining to the shipment, including but not limited to marking, classification, licensing, hazardous materials, and export controls. You should also know that civil and criminal penalties may be imposed for making false or fraudulent statements, for violation of any United States laws on exportation, or for the violation of export laws of other countries.

The following types of freight will not be transported by Bourlet ArtLogistics under any circumstance:

  • Contraband or illegal substances; firearms or ammunition.
  • Explosives, chemicals, noxious or dangerous goods.
  • Livestock, plants, biological or hazardous goods

4. What is the difference between soft-packing and crating?

Soft-packing is any type of packing short of a crate. Soft-packing is sometimes referred to as “blanket-wrapping”, but packing blankets are infrequently used, because more modern packing materials are usually most appropriate. Our soft-pack materials are carefully selected to minimize stress to the object during packing and unpacking, and include products such as glassine paper, bubble-wrap, soft-wrap Tyvek, acid-free tissue, polyethylene foam, and corrugated cartons in a variety of sizes.

Crates have sturdy, custom-made wooden or plastic shells that afford maximum protection, surrounding foam protective inner layers that protect the items in transit. A crate may be required when an item is too fragile, oddly-shaped, or highly valued to entrust to soft-packing. A crate is always required when shipping goods by airplane or common carrier.

Bourlet ArtLogistics' team of experienced craftsmen and fine art packers design and build each individual crate in our full-service crating shop.

Bourlet ArtLogistics’ team can help you decide what type of packing your items require for safe transit.

5. Can I wrap my own items for transport?

Yes. Many clients prefer to wrap their items for transportation themselves, to meet their own standards and/or to save money. Before pre-packing your items, we recommend that you ask us what types of pre-packaging materials are acceptable. The staff of Bourlet ArtLogistics include trained art handlers who are happy to offer suggestions and advice to clients who want to undertake their own wrapping.

6. Do you offer insurance for my shipment?

Yes, however, to potentially save money you should check your own homeowners or business insurance to see if your shipment may be covered under an existing policy. Bourlet ArtLogistics can provide additional insurance if needed, but it’s important to note that such insurance is not automatically provided. By insuring items in transit, the client asks us to assume the risk for the value of the goods in transit. For us to assume the risk and provide insurance coverage, a fee is added to the client’s bill; this fee is determined by the value of the goods in transit.

7. What does insurance cover?

When purchasing insurance from Bourlet ArtLogistics you will receive notice of all the terms and conditions of the policy, and it is advised that you ask any specific questions you may have in order to be fully informed as to what specific coverage you are purchasing. You should note that some occurrences are excluded from coverage. Examples of common exclusions are acts of nature (such as floods) and concealed breakage (as when a shipping company receives a pre-sealed carton or container). Our staff can help you determine what type of insurance is most appropriate for your shipment.

8. What value should I declare when insuring my shipment?

It is highly recommended that you have independent means of verifying the value of your goods in transit, because although you can insure your shipment for any amount, shipping companies are not responsible for verifying the value as stated by the customer. Independent proof of value is the best way to ensure a fair settlement in the unlikely event of a mishap. This proof can be commercial invoices, photographs, receipts and sales records, or previous valuations provided to other insurance companies.

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